CHN:Daily weather and fortune

译:This is an app that queries China’s daily weather, fortune, taboos, etc.
Users can select the city they want to query and view the date they want to query.
If you want to choose which day to marry, house, or a variety of white wedding matters, choose the day. You can download the app to experience the current features immediately.…/id1483017213

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Liechtenstein Air Quality

CO2CO2 Liechtenstein is an app designed using advanced machine learning algorithm and big data collection to display, Air, Water, Pollen, Climate data in real time.
The air data, displays the Particulate Matter PM2.5 and PM 10 which causes serious damages to children and adults.
Different color codes are used in the app to visually present the differences.…/id1482016326

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— 首页:可查看全国城市空气质量情况
— 地图:可查看全国城市空气质量情况
— 数据:可查看空气质量日历、同期对比排名、城市对比分析、分析报告
— 设置:相关的说明…/id1481296520

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Absolute Altimeter

– Absolute Altimeter shows your current altitude above sea level. This is calculated from the local pressure (sourced from the device) and the local sea pressure / temperature.
– Local sea-level pressure and temperature are automatically downloaded for current location. Alternatively, they can be set manually if desired.
– Pressure, temperature and height units can be changed on either Watch or iPhone, with changes automatically transferred to other device.
– Apple Watch will derive local pressure from the iPhone when connected for a more accurate reading. However, it can also obtain its own local pressure, providing a slightly less accurate reading (still within a few ft).…/id1480948758

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