AI Shopping Assistant Shopiz

Wish for the most exciting Gadgets, Fashion, Beauty, Home design, DIY and more? Shopiz is your new AI (artificial intelligence) shopping assistant, it will find for you the items that fit you best, from fashion, makeup & beauty, and home design to gadgets, DIY, sport, outdoor and more. It’ll help you build the wish list of your dreams.
You’ll choose the categories that interest you, and we will do the rest.
With a shopping experience that will WOW you, you are about to be amazed! Download now and see for yourself.

Just like Spotify finds the best music for you, and Netflix recommends the movies and shows that fit you best, Shopiz will help you shop and find the most amazing items especially for you.

With an awesome shopping experience (Tinder like fun of quick swipe left or right), Shopiz learns you and your desires, and finds the perfect offer for you from all over the web, builds your wish list, and helps you shop smarter and in fun instant way.

With our wish list feature you are able to use our AI shopping engine to create and share your wish list with friends and family

As expected from your a shopping assistant, Shopiz AI engine will help you find items in different domains (for your choosing):
* Women’s Fashion
* Accessories
* Makeup and beauty
* Jewelry
* Home and Design
* Gadgets
* Men’s Fashion
* Kids, Toddlers and Babies
* Men’s Fashion
* DIY (Do It Yourself)
* Outdoor
* Sports
And more.

Prepare to be amazed!
Shopiz uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand what items will WOW you. Our aim is to surprise and excite you every day with amazing items that you’ll love!
Fashion, accessories, jewelry – you have your own style and fashion that you like and that fits you best: Casual fashion, Sophisticated fashion, Sexy fashion, Tomboy, Chic, Vintage fashion, you name it, we will find you what you love and of course wish list it for future use.

Gadgets – The new innovative world of technology never stops to amaze, you will find here some items that will make you explode! See what gadgets and technologies can change your life forever and fit amazingly to your life.

Home and Design – Home design is an art, and if you’re into home design and wish to be excited and surprised you have to download and tune into the “Home & Design” category, we will help you find items that will surprise you and make your hart bit faster. With the help of the Shopiz AI engine you we will open your mind to new possibilities and items that will fit exactly to your taste.

Kids, Toddlers and Babies – Every mom and dad know that shopping for our kids never ends, but sometimes you can find one item that will help your kid sleep better at night or develop his language skills or walk for the first time. We are here for that, download and find the items that will help you and your child develop better and faster.

Men’s Fashion – men also deserve some attention 🙂 Men’s fashion is diverse and exciting, Shopiz will surprise you and find the best fashion items for you.

DIY (Do It Yourself) – If you love to create and build on your on, you are in for a treat! Open your mind to new exciting DIY ideas, tools and opportunities with Shopiz artificial intelligence app.

Sports and fitness – If you like sport and fitness we can help you find the perfect offer and the items you always wished for, that will jump start your physical and mental state. Download and find out for yourself.

Outdoor – Love adventures? Camping? Fishing? Love the outdoors? Find out what you’ve been missing all this time, with new surprising items that will enhance your outdoor experience.

Download now! Those days you have the opportunity to get Shopiz for free, and to be surprised, excited and amazed by the new AI technology working for you as your personal shopping assistant. Your wish is our command 🙂

Download now and tell us what you think, we can’t wait!…/id1480218326

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Version: 1.0
Size: 86.82 MB
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Released: 2019-10-24 07:00:00

试试 AR



要求运行 iOS 11.0 或更高版本的 ARKit 兼容设备。

产品 型号
iPhone iPhone 11 和 11 Pro
iPhone XR
iPhone XS 和 XS Max
iPhone X
iPhone 8 和 8 Plus
iPhone 7 和 7 Plus
iPhone 6S 和 6S Plus
iPhone SE
iPad iPad Air 第 3 代
iPad mini 第 5 代
12.9 英寸 iPad Pro(第 1 代,第 2 代,第 3 代)
11 英寸 iPad Pro
10.5 英寸 iPad Pro
9.7 英寸 iPad Pro
iPad (第 6 代)
iPad (第 5 代)…/id1476655321

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 101.04 MB
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Released: 2019-10-14 20:38:37


Create your own unique style – effortlessly

Trendway is a multi-purpose fashion app for the young active shopper who wants to explore and share their own style. It acts as your personal stylist, allowing you to upload your real life wardrobe to your virtual one. Helping you when struggling for an outfit to wear for anything from a night out to day–to-day outfits.


• Upload your real life wardrobe to your virtual one
• In just a few clicks you can add from your camera roll, or by just searching for the item
• Plan outfits, look what you own and/ or need on the go, as well as it being available for your followers to see. Perfect for when you need a friend’s hand with what to wear!


• Feeling uninspired? No problem – we’ve got you covered! Use our 3 dress code filters ‘smart’ ‘dressy’ and ‘smart casual’ and let Trendway give you some options out of your wardrobe.


• Create an Outfit out of the items in your wardrobe, in your wishlist or by mixing the two together.
• Post pictures of you in the outfit if you like as well, when you do this remember to manually enter where you bought the item from by searching for it in the save and publish screen so your followers can still see where to buy your look from.
• Publish for all your followers to see, or if you want to come back to it at a later point just save it.
• Each outfit posted will then have links direct to the item on the retailers site to purchase it, so your followers can share the look.


• Want a new killer outfit that’s going to get heads turning or just simply a new outfit? Then enter tags relevant to the type of outfit you are looking for e.g. ‘dressy black party’, click search and the results that other users have posted with these tags will come up.


• If you’ve got a big event coming up, want to be organised and get ahead of the game, then you can add an outfit you have created to that date of the year. Allowing you to keep your fashion-conscious life organised even when you may not be!


• You’ve got style, so show it off! Post outfits, gain followers and those who you follow. Make sure to like the items and outfits you like the look of as these show up on your profile for you to come back to later and for other users to be able to see.

Let Trendway be your runway!…/id1329354780

Tutorial screens, minor improvement and bug fixing

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 55.45 MB
Seller: Robert Green
Released: 2019-10-14 16:45:59

Oasis 2019

Oasis—the cultural fest of BITS Pilani—is nothing but 96 hours of unadulterated thrills comprising music, dance, drama, art, quizzes, fashion, and humour. With a footfall of around 5000+ every year, it is the second-largest cultural festival of India. This year’s theme—neon-noir—is a confluence of the contraries coexisting in harmony. On a superficial level, the theme is inherently contradictory—the concept of both light and darkness manifested simultaneously. On a metaphysical level, however, neon-noir is a commentary on specific socio-cultural dimensions such as urban decay, consumerism, and industrial encroachment. It is characterised by menacing cityscapes with the luminescence accentuating the shadows. If convoluted storylines, crime, and moral fluctuation enrapture you, this Oasis, from 19th to 23rd October, buckle up for the experience of an aesthetic so powerful that you question your very existence in this realm. Live the life of a Taxi Driver and run on blades of talent in the 49th edition of the fest which promises to leave you in a trance caused by the chiaroscuro of shadow and illumination.…/id1483415633

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Shopping Puppy

Shoppping Puppy 與合作商戶為你帶來更多現金獎賞,只要你到全球知名網購平台消費,包括旅遊、服裝、美妝、電子同生活類商家,每一筆成功訂單,都可以獲取不一樣比例的現金回饋,最高達50%!加上Shoppping Puppy 擁有智能AI,根據你喜好的商店,為你追蹤慳錢優惠劵和優惠情報。最重要的是下載Shoppping Puppy APP —— 完全免費!


如何賺取現金回饋:1.免費註冊Shopping Puppy。
6.當您的Shopping Puppy帳戶「可提領」的金額至港幣200元,即可申請提領,將現金回饋轉至您的FPS, PayME, Paypal 戶口。

從Shopping Puppy,您可以:
Ø 取得超過百間知名品牌的優惠碼、優惠券和熱門促銷訊息
Ø 查詢Shopping Puppy的熱門商家,以及提供最高折扣的品牌
Ø 簡單設定,即可輕鬆追蹤現金回饋,並將現金回饋轉至您設定的銀行帳戶
Ø 當您賺取現金回饋,以及您申請提領的現金回饋發款時,都將寄發

通知Shopping Puppy有哪些熱門合作夥伴:

Shopping Puppy集結了各種類型的購物網,如旅遊、居家生活、食品雜貨、親子幼兒、潮流服裝和消費性電子產品,每月都有新活動上線及最新網購優惠,例如雙十一、聖誕優惠、Black Friday等除了折扣優惠價,還有現金回饋即時入袋,幫你慳得最多,賺得更多!…/id1471624444

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Sofa sink – bussiness

沙发汇(Sofa sink )是一个旨在打造一个大型的线上预约线下配送的购买沙发家具的平台!我们的包括透明的价格,线上预定,线下支付,专人配送处理订单等等;我们的平台上不支持现金的支付,都是线下配送或者到付的邮寄!我们为了保证平台的干净高效,我们的app内是没有广告的!我们所有的产品都是各大沙发品牌,品质保证,假一罚十!

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
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Seller: XiaoShan Gao
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The official application for

**100% FREE** to register and sale your extra items. Or even can sell new products in more than
16+ categories.

Specially focused on Sri Lankan customers.

## Four Simple Steps to register and sell your goods.
– Simple Registration with an email
– Update some useful information(phone, address etc)
– Post your ads with images, categories and more
– Publish without further approval

# Deeply Classified items and Optimized loading speed
# In Tamil, Sinhala, and English
# Own customer portal to manage your products and sales
# Possibility to ask any question regarding the product or Services.
# 25 Districts for Optimized search

#Enjoy Ellamvil and Feel Free to connect us via email…/id1463811972

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 53.89 MB
Seller: Selvanaygam Felixbala Jeyobabi
Released: 2019-10-13 17:25:29