Tamil Words Puzzle

Vazhga Tamil, Valarga Tamil
◉ Best Tamil Words Puzzle Game Created Ever for Tamil’s

◉ Learn Thirukural, Aathichudi By finding their words, On Success you can read the description of them.

◉ Helps you to learn the world of Tamil powerful books.

◉ This word game app is completely free, created with the aim of promoting Tamil language among kids, students and adults to learn Tamil words while you play.

◉ As this Tamil Game is easy to play, you can have hours of fun entertainment and also it will be a good exercise for your brain.

◉ The Tamil Word Search game allows you to search the tamil words through board based on text splitting and jumbled letters.

◉ This Tamil word game is suitable for both adults and children, as it results in an educational and enriching experience as you play.

◉ This Tamil crossword puzzle game has different levels of difficulty, making it perfect for anyone who is searching the words on a board.

How to Play this Game?
1) Swipe over the letter board to find the Tamil Word.

2) You can swipe horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward or backward direction.

3) Find all the words in the list in a level to go up a level.



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Puzzle Master: Block Down

Simple and addictive! Once you start, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, you will love it!

– Easy to play, and tetra classic brick game for all ages!
– It is all FREE and No Wifi Need!
– Block Puzzle Classic Terris look.
– Enjoy this arcade app.


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Word Search: Guess The Phrase!

Can YOU guess the phrase? Relax your brain and test your knowledge in this new one-of-a-kind word game!

Solve puzzles from all your favorite categories – like TV Shows, Movies and Famous Landmarks. Each hidden word you find in the word search takes you closer to revealing the secret phrase! Whether you enjoy word finds, jumble games, crossword puzzles or trivia games, this is the perfect way to fill a short break or pass the time while waiting.

• Unwind while stimulating your brain
• Thousands of puzzles in dozens of categories — you’ll never run out of exciting new challenges!
• Train your eye and test your vocabulary by finding hidden words from the word search
• You can always use a power-up if you get stuck!

Unveil over two thousand phrases from over forty categories! Play all the classics like TV Shows, Movies and Famous Landmarks, or mix it up with unique themes like Inspirational Quotes, Food & Drink and Historical Figures. You’ll get to test yourself in the areas you know best while learning new things in categories you’re less familiar with!

Experience a new kind of word puzzle. Word Search: Guess the Phrase! delivers the instant fun of a classic word search game with a challenging twist that puts your knowledge and skills to the test. Enjoy the perfect mixture of relaxation and mental stimulation as you keep the language and word finding parts of your brain active and strengthen your memory and problem-solving skills.

Think you know the answer to the puzzle with just a few clues? Solve it faster to earn more stars and unlock new puzzles quicker!

There are thousands of puzzles and dozens of fun categories waiting for you! What are you waiting for? Download for FREE today!


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Word Detective – Find Them All

Relax and find the words. Simply swipe your finger in the direction of the word & feel that satisfaction! There are thousands of challenging levels to pass… So don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member. Have fun, and remember, RELAX.


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Version: 1.0
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Fans & Followers for TT Quiz

We offer the most unique and creative questions. Questions will be updated on daily basis, so you will never get bored.

In Fans & Followers for TT Quiz, you will find useful facts and histories on Tik Tok. You will also get updates on any news and new facts in the future as we continue to update the questions on daily basis.

-Global Ranking
-Share your high score.
-Daily updates on trivia questions!

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TT Quiz Fans & Followers

Ready for your ultimate Tik Tok Trivia game?
We offer the most unique and creative questions. Questions will be updated on daily basis, so you will never get bored.

In TT Quiz Fans & Followers, you will find useful facts and histories on Tik Tok. You will also get updates on any news and new facts in the future as we continue to update the questions on daily basis.

-Global Ranking
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-Daily updates on trivia questions!

This app is not affiliated with TIKTOK. We do not provide any hacks or anything illegal.


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Bubble Pop Forest

Bubble Pop Forest – An amazing bubble shooter game with magical theme. Be ready to aim, shoot, pop bubbles – An amazing bubble shooter game with magical theme. Be ready to aim, shoot, pop bubbles

* Discover great levels packed with surprises and puzzles.
* Pop, crush and explode bubbles by matching at least 3 colors.
* Colorful graphics and designs.
* Smooth gameplay and cool animations.


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Version: 1.0
Size: 125.31 MB
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Maimin – Jogo de Letras

Sempre que você encontrar o par de maiúscula/minúscula elas irão sumindo da tela, e, quando não houverem mais letras para encontrar significa que você terminou o jogo.

O jogo foi criado por ideia de Antonia (do Canal Antonia Desde Pequena – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpo2jI0LzJeguTM20dq35w) para facilitar o aprendizado das letras minúsculas, pois ela dominava bem as maiúsculas em determinado momento. E, com o jogo ela brincou e decorou todas os pares de letras.


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 44.24 MB
Seller: Cubo Magico Tecnologia LTDA ME (Cubo Magico Tecnologia LTDA)
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Frederick: Learn to Read

Frederick lets speakers of ANY language learn to read, spell and pronounce English with the spin of a wheel! No studying or memorizing. Improve instantly through play!

Because traditional English programs are boring, confusing and ineffective, many English students struggle to become confident, fluent speakers.

So we removed everything that makes these old methods frustrating and made a NEW way for students to teach THEMSELVES, THEIR way! With Frederick, you can correct your mistakes instantly and develop all of your communication skills as fast as you like. It’s like having a native English teacher with you wherever you go!

How Frederick Works:

You move step-by-step through the reading levels of PHONICS – also learning SIGHT WORDS – from the alphabet and single sounds to words and full sentences.

In each level’s “Explore Mode,” you DISCOVER the rules of phonics, spelling and pronunciation by making different letter combinations. You learn the real, native pronunciation of words, and increase your vocabulary.

Then you test your knowledge and skills with different games. Winning proves you’ve mastered a lesson!

There’s a “Word Bank” where you can see all of the words you’ve found, and you can also unlock all levels and modes with “Teacher Mode.”

Frederick works offline, and you can easily track progress with word counters and rewards!

Free Levels:

1. the alphabet (Aa, Ba, Cc…)
2. short vowels and consonants (at, in, up…)
3. three-letter words (cat, bug, pig…)

Pay the one-time upgrade fee to get instant access to levels 4-8, PLUS access to levels 9-35 as they are released. (Upgrade within the first 30 minutes of using Frederick and get 50% OFF! As new levels are released, the upgrade fee will go up.)

4. consonant blends (CRab, STop, deSK…)
5. consonant digraphs (CHip, SHip, loCK…)
6. ng, nk (riNG, siNK, taNK…)
7. al, all, el, ell, il, ill, ul, ull, le (bALL, mILk, jungLE…)
8. magic/silent e (lakE, linE, modE…)
9-35 Coming soon!

Frederick Is Perfect For:

Adult English language learners who want to understand the rules of spelling and pronunciation so they can quickly reduce their accent and understand natives more easily.

Teachers and parents (even those with NO EXPERIENCE teaching reading) who want a simple, natural and fun way to teach kids or adults to read, spell and pronounce English. There are no confusing instructions in Frederick, and there’s no “system” to learn, so even a two-year-old can use this simple tool all by themselves!

Praise For Frederick:

“Congratulations! Frederick answers all of my questions. It’s great that it lets you add or remove letters to see how words change. This is the best app on this planet for English. And I remember all the words!”
— Betül, an adult ESL learner, Turkey

“Definitely Frederick helps me to improve my pronunciation.”
— Maria, an adult ESL learner, Argentina

“I love it!!! I love the little character, and the whole system. The simple pictures and design are playful and very effective. It’s a magic invention!”
— MC, an adult ESL learner, France

“I really love the app because it can help the students to enjoy learning English, and I recommend it to my colleagues.”
— Masashi, Jr. High Vice Principal, Japan

“My daughter asked to play it again and again! She doesn’t feel like studying! I think it’s really helpful that kids can have fun learning phonics with Frederick.”
— Satoko, mother of a six-year-old English learner, Japan

When all 35 levels are released, there will be OVER 2,000 words and sentences to learn in Frederick. So install Frederick now and upgrade before the price goes up.

Learn more: http://frederickreadingapp.com/

Have questions or need support? Mail us: info@englishanyone.com

Thanks so much for trying Frederick! We hope you like it! 🙂


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Version: 1.0
Size: 783.39 MB
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English Phonology

Words game for kids that want to learn English vocabulary and want to become reader in English. Ideal to use in classroom in pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade.
The user will:
-Recognize the number of syllables in a word
-Recognize a sound in a word
-Write word using syllables and letters
-Recognize the spelling of a word
-Recognize a word from his pronunciation.


Price: $2.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 174.14 MB
Seller: Alexandre Sivera
Released: 2019-10-13 01:50:24