Super Bomb Adventure

Use your bombs to break open barrels and defeat the monsters that roam the area. Gather they key & items to move on to the next realm. This game will surely satisfy those who love puzzles as there are many worlds and puzzles to complete. Best of all, the game is free to play for all! Have fun!…/id1482702903

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Version: 1.0
Size: 94.48 MB
Seller: Timothy Taggart
Released: 2020-01-06 08:00:00

Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile Lite 2019 is currently the most attractive heroes game at the moment. Although Auto Chess Mobile: Hero Legends is just a custom map of the popular games for free, it has now overcome the original game. It’s also the RPG game that combines innovative MOBA gameplay, and highly charged battles royale. It is popular thanks to the creative strategy gameplay, which puts players in high thinking situations. To win the Auto Chess Mobile game, the players also need a bit of luck in controlling familiar heroes as in Bakana Animals World. Thanks to the presence of Auto Chess Mobile Lite, popular games suddenly became attractive again despite facing a period of decline. Let’s play fun popular games for free and become legends.…/id1478063663

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Version: 1.0
Size: 248.47 MB
Seller: Thanh Phan
Released: 2020-01-01 08:00:00

Minimal Dungeon RPG

Deep in the valley of Casa, you were born in a dazzling light…
As a piece of the ancient demon, to look for your origin, you will start from Casa Valley, cross the whole mainland, and finally reach the Six God Tower, fighting with all the monsters, and become the king of this land!

This is a minimalist RPG game. Tasks, monsters, NPC,and stores in the game are simplified into squares. Multiple rooms are connected in-to Dungeons. You need to explore and collect in each room to improve yourself, then defeat the final Boss to get to the next level.

In this game, you can experience the pleasure of classic RPG games, and the stimulation of strategic dungeon-style. Meanwhile,we simplified game operation, just click on the square to play, easy to have fun~

Game Characteristic:

*Classic dungeon-mode,explore layers of unknowns
*Upgrade in an extreme speed
*Powerful suit and rare equipment, which makes you invincible
*Free bonus added to your point,be the strongest
*Rich story, numerous monsters, waiting for you to challenge…/id1480318524

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Version: 1.0
Size: 25.66 MB
Seller: FU HENG (
Released: 2019-12-24 08:00:00

Witch’s High: School of Magic

Live real interactive adventures, choose between the options in the different episodes. It’s up to you to choose the course of the story itself.

In this simulation game, you’ll find a number of mysteries to solve. Follow your intuition to choose from the many options you will find throughout the story.

This game will allow you to live your own romantic story.


– Select the story of each episode
– Solve the mysteries of the episode
– Find your true love
– Interactive Story Simulator

Enjoy this interactive story simulator game, would you choose the right option?

Download it now and enjoy this mysterious and romantic story game!…/id1477815919

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Version: 1.0.0
Size: 333.01 MB
Seller: Paola Elizondo
Released: 2019-12-14 08:00:00

Army Shooting: Survival Missio

Are you ready? In this game, you can pick up your guns to complete all kinds of thrilling actions. With a variety of maps and a lot of powerful weapons, this game will let you fall in love with it in a few hours, keep shooting, complete a variety of missions

– First Person FPS Game
– Stunning 3D graphics
– Experience the real battlefield
– Smart AI and challenging game…/id1479672659

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Version: 1.0
Size: 0.95 GB
Released: 2019-12-11 08:00:00

Tank War: Powerful Armored

Tank War: Powerful Armored is a 3D tank shooter game. Placed in an endless arena, you will battle waves after waves of enemy tanks.Your mission is to attack and defeat this rebel army. Battle through dangerous arenas with your Tank to save the world. The world needs a Hero! Fast paced 3D tank action. Tank battle to save the world! Take out the enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and missiles. Battle against cunning enemy , and become the Hero! Get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of epic war of tanks. Lead your army tank and conquer the world! Exciting game of tanks that will keep you glued to your device until you feel the rush of crushing your opponent on the battlefield to save the world.
– World domination mode
– Battle enemy tanks in the arena.
– More cities wait for a hero to save them.
– Enemy tanks of the future have advanced AI
– Classic 1990 style tank game with modern 3D graphics!…/id1479359443

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Version: 1.0
Size: 164.64 MB
Seller: Nguyen Van Tuyen
Released: 2019-12-08 08:00:00

Dead Hunter: War Survival

In Dead Hunter: War Survival, you are specified on low virus infected area. You are the only survivor in this war against dead zombies to experience the thrill. Your entire city is infected so don’t need to move and killer blood is everywhere. Save yourself from, these dead zombies and Shoot zombies in the head to save your time and survive easily in this war.

Game Features:
– Realistic 3D graphics
– Be addicted to the game operations
– Horrifying visualization and sounds
– Different type of zombies to kill
– impressed game missions…/id1477804216

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Version: 1.0
Size: 172.48 MB
Released: 2019-12-01 08:00:00

Sky Shooting: Force Command

Sky Shooting: Force Command is the best skyforce game for fan of space shooting games. it is simulate sky shooting game and Space shooter.
The alien swarms is begin to attack our galaxy. They attack all of place in our galaxy and earth by alien shooters. They destroy many space squadron of us.
Take control space craft to lead and fight the alien enemies.

—————– FEATURE ——————-
– Amazing skill from space crafts

– Many beautiful space battleship
– Special effects and sound
– Free galaxy shooting games…/id1478371075

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Version: 1.0
Size: 121.65 MB
Released: 2019-12-01 08:00:00

21 Jack: Play and Earn Money

21 Jack is a Blackjack game to earn money. It’s a perfect way to challenging your friend or others, train your brain or just pass the time.

Play against real people for free then switch to cash games when you’re ready to compete and win!

How to Play

• Make 21s or stacks of 5 cards to score points.

• Each game has 1 full deck of cards, a perfect challenge for aspiring card counters.

• Finish the deck before the clock runs out and you’ll receive a time bonus.

• Find Combos and Streak bonuses to perfect your strategy.

No longer a solitary experience!

• Games can be played Head to Head with other players or in large, multiplayer tournaments.

• In head to head games, both players solve the same deck and the player who finishes with the most points win.

• Challenge people around the world with eGoGames, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, Cash or virtual currency prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you for playing!


Do you have any questions?

You can email us to

Or through our social media:

Facebook – @eGoGamesES –

Instagram – @eGoGamesESP -

Twitter – @eGoGamesESP –…/id1477201298

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Version: 1.0
Size: 468.12 MB
Seller: EGO NINO GAMES SL (eGoGames)
Released: 2019-11-19 08:00:00