Campus princess – baby game

Want to be the princess of the campus? The most beautiful school girls are none other than you! Now let’s prepare for the party of the school! You will be the shining star!

Game features:

– Start your high school life by a relaxing spa and perfect makeup!
– Try tons of school uniforms and preppy outfits on!
– Invite a good friend to join the happy party!
– Beautiful, simple and easy to play!
– Download now!…/id1280831050

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Version: 1.0
Size: 103.88 MB
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WordTest – ABC Alphabet Words

Great Learning Alphabet and Words Game for Kids !
It’s time to Play and test after Study form our app (BabyWords) and (Baby School) !
– 2 pictures show to guess the word. Show Result after bingo!
– 5 pack & 50 word each, total 250 words, more pack will add for update version.
– Win Coins if correct
– Included all kind of words : Animals, Food, Fruit, Transport, Number, Shape, Color, Life, etc.…/id1266143389

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Version: 1.0.4
Size: 79.07 MB
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Clarity – Conquer the Unknown

The Clarity Application helps you mark information you have consumed online regardless of what app you experience it on! This gives you an idea of the breakdown of information you know based on what you read! If you read the news and want get a feel for how much information you are consuming, Clarity is your app!…/id1292558848

This new version has improved UI features and bug fixes in the claims feed.

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Version: 1.2
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The kingdom of the party is about to begin! Princess has always been a fashion vane. This time, you are the fashion to create people Oh! Approaching fashion princess salon shop to dress up the princess it!


1. Free cosmetics and decorations are much more than you can imagine

2. One-stop dress, so you once enough addiction

3. After the dress is done, leave you in the background

Free download fashion princess salon and friends together to dress up the princess it!…/id1217359134


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Version: 1.1
Size: 56.58 MB
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Released: 2017-11-01 09:36:06

Western Pendu

Western Pendu est un jeu du pendu qui consiste à proposer des mots puisés aléatoirement d’un dictionnaire, le joueur ne connaissant au départ que le nombre de lettres composant le mot à deviner.Pour chaque mot, le joueur dispose de 8 chances (points) et chaque lettre proposée fait perdre une chance (un point) au joueur si la lettre n’existe pas. Si la lettre existe alors elle est révélée à son emplacement (ou à ses emplacements s’il y en a plusieurs identiques) dans le mot.
Si le joueur redonne une lettre déjà proposée aucun point n’est enlevé.
Le nombre de chances restantes sont converties en points lorsque le mot est trouvé. Si un mot est trouvé sans aucune erreur, un bonus de 5 points est octroyé au joueur.
Pour jouer, le joueur entre son nom puis peut choisir de jouer avec des mots français ou anglais, mettre la musique et les sons ou les couper et enfin choisir de jouer avec des mots d’au maximum 4 lettres ou plus de 4 lettres.
Le jeu permet de sauvegarder plusieurs joueurs avec le nombre de parties jouées, le nombre de parties gagnées, le cumul des points et le nombre de bonus gagnés et bien sur le classement.…/id1291843608

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My Favorite Coloring Book

Challenge your imagination in a creative fantasy coloring book game! Enjoy these magic drawings for kids!

Play one of the easiest educative fantasy coloring book game for children! With plenty of pictures to color! From various categories like animals, fairy tale princess characters, mermaids and babies, you’ll have an awesome time giving our magic drawings life, with colors.

Simple and very intuitive you can put your creativity to the test, in this fun virtual coloring and painting book, easy for toddlers, they can play, draw and paint all kinds of princesses, color landscapes from all kinds of fairy tales.

Let your kids explore the magic of painting, let them use the colors, brushes, pencils and other tools they think it’s appropriate for all the objects and characters they find in the fantasy coloring book, ask them about their magic drawings, why they used different brushes and how they can improve their work.

– High quality colorful pictures, lots of images to explore
– Color all the pets, cats, dogs and farm animals like pigs and ponies
– Get your mermaid and princess to look amazing with some of the best mix of colors
– Easy to navigate and explore with high definition graphics
– All kinds of brushes, gradients, eraser, bucket tools and lots of stickers to explore
– A big collection of colors and gradients
– Save your kids colored pics on your device, share them on social networks and print them on paper

Start painting and drawing with this fantasy coloring book! Let the kids have fun with the magic drawings!

Twitter: @LabCave

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 55.47 MB
Seller: Free Wild Simulator Games SL.
Released: 2017-10-28 08:17:07

Horse Care And Riding Love

Horse care & riding, love for animals is a free girls games for teens who are pet lovers and want to care for them with lot of love and affection. Horse care and riding is not an easy job. Caring of your horse can include grooming, feeding, training, bonding and to keep your horse into good health with proper food plan. Grooming your horse can be messy job. To loose the dirt from your horse’s coat, use a rubber curry brush. Use the dandy brush to remove dirt from surface. Then use the body brush to smooth your horse’s hairs. This body brush will help your horse’s coat looks shiny and nice. Clean your horse’s hooves,Use the hoof picks to remove any stones, turf and dirt from your horse’s hooves. Shoeing horse on horse hooves is not necessary all the time. Provide the plenty of water to your horse. Provide the good quality plenty of hay to your horse. A good quality hay will keep your horse happy and healthy. Mold and dust free horse hay is more good. Hang out with the horse and let horse to approach you. Fresh apples and carrots are great treat for your loving horse pet. It is a free pet caring horse riding game for pet’s lover.

When you are planning for ride, use good quality saddle to get most from your training session. Schedule regular veterinary checkup for your horse. Horse are usually very intelligent and can ready human facial expression. You need to care for your horse after riding like cooling your horse, dismount your horse, untacking your horse, unbridle your horse, hose the horse down, bring horse to its stall or paddock, clean the horse tack. Maintain the good hoof care. Teach your horse to lift his feet. Cup your horse’s hoof. Check for the puncture wounds. In this free horse caring and love for animals game you will learn the basic rules to keep your horse healthy and happy with proper care.

**** Horse Care and Ridding Love for Animals Game Features ****

* Build & paint your horse house with doors and colors selection
* Best medical veterinary checkup for your loving pet horse
* Healthy and hygiene fruits , horse hay and vegetables
* Spa and cool shower for your horse caring and dressUp
* Good quality saddle making and changing options for your horse
* Easy to play and smooth game play in this pet caring & riding game
* FREE fun care and enjoy with your own veterinary pet horse game

To begin a horseback ridding you need few things to know. To get the necessary gear, find an equestrian center, consider leasing a horse from local riding school, pony club or from a friend if you know horseback riding already. Then buy a saddle with saddle blanket. Purchase a bridle for the horse. Buy a grooming kit and ridding attire. Take the ridding classes from a professional teacher. Catch and halter your horse as well to start your ridding.

You can wait for our upcoming cooking, dress up, makeup, love story romance crush game, kissing games, school teacher classroom, pets care, fashion designers, gymnastic girls, fashion blogger and makeover games. Remember, It is the FREE Game to have some real Fun.

TinyBit games, tiny masterpieces !…/id1281536125

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Unreal Ice Rinks AR

This is an Augmented Reality application. Enjoy AR with “Unreal Ice Rinks”

*** If you enjoy this application, You MUST know ‘ID’ and ‘Password’. ***
*** Please contact us( before install ***
This is AR(Aubmented Reality) application made by “Unreal Ice Rinks”

visit our website

And visit our blog
You can experience augmented reality by illuminating the image…/id1251428367

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Version: 1.1
Size: 207.24 MB
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Because you are a writer… any kind of writer, you should download this app.

Finishing in only 55 words, makes you feel accomplished, every time.

You could even combine several 55-word stories, together, to make a larger book.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment, 55 words at a time.

In 55 Words app helps you finish your story, song or poem quickly by turning writing into a game where the goal is to make a piece that is exactly 55 words long.

A word counter does the word counting for you.

Create and finish writing an original piece in as little as 3 minutes with this amazing app.

After that, save and/or share your creation to your social network or with the In 55 Words community.

– Word counter counting from 55 words to 0 words left
– Use photos from Camera Roll
– Use photos from Device Camera
– Save to Camera Roll
– Share to FaceBook or other social media
– Stores your writing projects in-app for later editing

“If readers are leaders, then writers are leaders of leaders.”
– (Dr.) Sofia Kind, MA Ed, MA Language Arts, Linguistics, Ed. D – Doctoral Candidate…/id1239485013

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 11.59 MB
Seller: Sofia Kind
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