Mystery Stories for children

A revolutionary mystery game with cards!

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It is a fun game that both children and adults will love! The rule is only one. You read the solution to the mystery on your own, and you answer the questions of the other detectives with only a yes or a no. To solve the mysteries that happened to 30 well-known scientists and inventors who changed history, you must have a team spirit, know how to cooperate and listen carefully!

Read the title of the mystery to the detectives, and the game starts right away. Try to give them only the clues they need, and not the solution. Once a story has been completed, enjoy having fun with Peter, a real detective in 3D! Use the free app that comes with the game. In this way you can watch, along with your friends, Peter in his workshop, telling the real story of each scientist!

This game has everything! Mystery, team spirit, pranks and a real detective!…/id1444883447

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cL outreach

cL outreach by bibliotheca allows libraries to convert any iOS device into a powerful library outreach tool. Conveniently located at high-traffic areas like a community center, transit station or grocery store, library users can browse your library’s digital cloudLibrary collection, discover and borrow their next great read. With cL outreach, libraries can extend access and provide convenience for today’s busy users. Contact your cloudLibrary specialist to enable this feature.…/id1439492588

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Ramen Works

Ramen Works app allows you to place an order and earn reward!
No need to wait in line for pickup, you can order from your phone and come pick up!
Getting notification when new promotion is available!…/id1444757100

Clear cart, minor bug fixes

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Tap : Just Tap

Are you feel bore? are you not hard core or middle core gamer? here is the game for you relief tension in small size

Tap the no of time that show in counter to get score. don’t be too fast don’t be too lazy
control you action

Small size high efficient game you ever seen

Simple game play but very additive

Give a try…/id1444835637

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 10.98 MB
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Soul – Guided Meditation App

Soul – Guided Meditation App is the best meditation app for busy people.

-Plenty of guided meditations on subjects like focus, exercise, and sleep
– Meditation sessions for moments of Stress, relax and sleeping
– Meditation on the go according to time you have
– Set a reminder to meditate
– Check your daily meditation history

Download the one meditation app everybody needs. Then just sit back, relax and breathe.

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Pyramid School

Learn about Pyramids International Schools and connect with your school with ease and pleasure. For parents, now you have all he data related to your son within the school through our application.…/id1444512942

– Increasing stability
-fix some bugs

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Version: 4.0
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CLIMATE CHANGE is one of the biggest issues facing humanity right now. Global climatic changes like shifting weather patterns, oceans salinity, rising global temperatures, rising sea levels etc are causing catastrophic damage to our CLIMATE and ECOLOGY. All of these are caused due to man-made climatic changes.

We keep on dumping massive green house emissions into our atmosphere every day. Couple that with ever growing animal agriculture and massive deforestation along with numerous other activities which are contributing in destroying the climate, we are now on the brink of what could be start of the EXTINCTION of the human race. If we don’t make a change today we will leave no room for future regeneration to reverse the trend.

Even in face of DEVASTATING impacts which are now happening throughout the globe as a result of climate change, people in power still choose to ignore the SEVERITY of the PROBLEM and some outright DENY climate change. We at CLIMATICWATCH think that overall human population by and large is aware of the issue as they are the ones who get effected by it the most in their day-to-day lives. What they lack is a SINGULAR VOICE or a medium where they can speak out and share their opinions. Current social media platforms are generalised platforms and even if some one speaks out that voice its suppressed in a storm cloud of other non-related items. They only way we can make a difference and have our voices heard is by coming TOGETHER and EXPRESSING our concerns and views and sharing it with others.

ClimaticWatch is a FREE social media platform with a goal to bring people together and raise awareness about climate change and how it impacts our environment and ecology. Ordinary people can share their daily stories about how climate change impacts them and how we can change our lifestyle to make a difference. More we share, more people are going to hear our voice. Collectively we can make a difference and put the human race on path that is not in collision course with nature but one which is in perfect harmony with it.

*Main Features*
– Public Feed – View posts from throughout the globe posted by other people.
– Share your own story – Share your thoughts and observations by creating your own posts
– Follow People – Grow your network and follow people of interest.
– Filter Options – Filter your feed based on location and categories.
– My Feed – View posts from people you follow.

For more details visit

This is only the beginning, team at ClimaticWatch is committed to add in more features into this platform to make it as useful and impactful as possible. You can use the feedback option from within the app to send us your suggestions and comments.…/id1440459556

– Minor Bug Fixes

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My Medicash App

The My Medicash App is here to make life that little bit easier for you when claiming money back on your everyday healthcare costs.

With this app you’ll be able to:

* Quickly make a claim directly through the app – simply upload a picture of your receipt and answer a few questions

* Add your bank details and sign-up for email updates so you know when your claim’s been paid directly into your bank account

* View a summary of your recent claims and view your benefit table so you know what you have left

* Get easier access to your other benefits such as Medicash Extras

* Plus you’ll get access to our new Virtual GP service.

Please note, this app is only available to Medicash policyholders who will need their current policy number in order to register. Partners will need to register separately on your device, or on their own device, to access their details and submit a claim.

If you are interested in taking out a Medicash health plan, please visit

Medicash is one of the oldest and largest healthcare cash plan providers in the UK and is committed to providing a positive approach to life, health and long-term wellbeing that is already enjoyed by over 240,000 policyholders across the UK, both at work and at home.…/id1444883537

Bug fixes and optimisations

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.6
Size: 33.88 MB
Seller: Medicash Health Benefits Limited (Medicash Health Benefits Ltd)
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Updated: 2019-04-04 07:58:23