The SNOO app is the smartphone companion to your Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper, the safest and most effective baby bed ever made.

– SNOO Log: Tracks your baby’s sleep every day…automatically.
– Alerts: Lets you know if your baby needs more than SNOO’s soothing (due to hunger or discomfort).
– Remote Control: You can quickly respond to your baby’s needs by adjusting SNOO’s levels up and down.
– Customize: Pick the best motion and white noise settings for your baby.
– Adapt: Lets you boost the level of rhythmic sensation – like riding in a car all night (reduces sleep disruptions from colds, growth spurts, sleep regressions, teething, etc.)
– Easy Weaning: Special setting helps babies learn to sleep without motion, to prepare for moving to a crib.

SNOO intelligently responds to your baby’s needs and, within just days, helps the whole family get more sleep. It calms crying and boosts sleep with the rhythmic sound and motion that babies find so soothing in the womb.

A home Wi-Fi connection is required to use the app with your SNOO.…/id1156596412

– Bug Fix and Optimizations

Price: Free
Version: 1.15.9
Size: 84.27 MB
Seller: The Happiest Baby, Inc (The Happiest Baby, Inc.)
Released: 2016-10-31 23:49:34
Updated: 2019-10-03 20:33:06

Draw Games Mermaid Version

Learn to coloring something. Entertain your children for Fun.
Change a child is favorite cartoon is a Coloring book in imagination.
How to play
– Coloring Character Question
– Select images
– Skills for kids
– Resize the Brush
– Save Pictures…/id1167975184

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 18.07 MB
Seller: Kittirat Deekarng
Released: 2016-10-31 23:36:45


The intersection of Lifestyle, Exploration and Pop Culture, viewed through the generational kaleidoscopic lens that is Vix.

Ever wonder how to make your beer cold really fast? Or how to make an easy gift that won’t break the bank? We got you covered with our daily Cheat Sheets.
Interact and read about whats happening in the world of Pop Culture.
Explore with us the daily struggles of life such as work, finance, politics and let’s not forget, love.
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You can bookmark your favorite features so that you can have them easily available at any time.

Want to learn more about Vix? Make sure to follow us on:
Facebook: /
Instagram: @vix_social
Snapchat: vix_social…/id1117004174

Minor bug fixing.

Price: Free
Version: 1.34
Size: 20.29 MB
Seller: Vix, Inc.
Released: 2016-10-31 23:36:37
Updated: 2017-11-26 20:07:43

Bradesco Private

Você, Cliente Bradesco Private Bank, agora também conta com um aplicativo exclusivo feito para ajudá-lo a administrar ainda melhor a sua vida financeira. Com ele, você tem mais autonomia no gerenciamento do seu patrimônio, podendo acessar seu banco a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar:

• Permite acessar a conta e realizar operações como consulta de saldos e extratos, transferências e pagamentos – entre outros serviços bancários, a qualquer momento e de qualquer lugar.

• Acesso à conta por uma versão simplificada. Com ela, você faz pagamentos usando o leitor de Código de Barras*, que captura automaticamente o código com a câmera do iPad, sem que você precise digitá-lo.

• Acesso a Área Restrita

• Bradesco mais próximo, que localiza as Agências, Escritórios Private e Máquinas de Autoatendimento próximas a você.

• Touch ID** – no acesso pela versão Simplificada – acesse sua conta usando sua digital no lugar da senha de 4 dígitos. É mais praticidade e facilidade para você!

*Esta funcionalidade está disponível para iPad com câmera de foco automático e a partir do iOS 6

**Disponível para iPad Air 2 e Ipad mini 3 com iOS 8.1 ou superior.…/id1121331842

Ajustes gerais.

Price: Free
Version: 1.1.2
Size: 79.00 MB
Seller: Banco Bradesco SA
Released: 2016-10-31 23:34:46
Updated: 2018-05-24 01:17:21

Instant Save – Quickly Repost Photo & Video For IG

Note : Failed to Login Try Again 0r Try Login Some other Time to Use this Best Repost app ever. Login Failed due to off too many request We are Already working on that.

Repost without WaterMark & Coins Freely & Know you can Repost WithOut Login also

Repost Videos & Photos On Instagram

Fast Repost allow you to repost photos,videos On Instagram.

– Repost Photo or Video with original Caption.
– Repost Freely (No Watermark).
– User Timeline Posts browsing and sharing.
– Browse Popular Photos/Videos to Repost.
– Repost Pictures and Videos you’ve liked before.
– Browse by Tags to find Interesting pictures and Videos to Repost.
– Favorite Photos/Videos so you can repost them on another day.

Note : If Any Issue Occur while Using the App First LogOut & LogIn. If Not work than Just re Download it From App Store To make it work Again & Restore the In App Purchases Free of cost By Just Clicking on Restore button.…/id1003730047

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 16.21 MB
Seller: Muhammad Ishaque
Released: 2016-10-31 23:34:24

Draw Games Dino Version

Learn to coloring something. Entertain your children for Fun.
Change a child is favorite cartoon is a Coloring book in imagination.
How to play
– Coloring Character Question
– Select images
– Skills for kids
– Resize the Brush
– Save Pictures…/id1167975523

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 18.98 MB
Seller: Kittirat Deekarng
Released: 2016-10-31 23:33:53

Trump Race

Trump Race is an infinite time killer racing game. Tap the screen to change the direction and try to drive on the dangerous canyon as long as you can. Don’t forget to collect the money that can be spent on the purchase of new cars. Also you can compete with other players using Game Center leaderboard.

– Fun endless gameplay
– Nice cartoon graphics and sounds
– 11 additional cars to unlock…/id1170067161

Minor bug fixes

Price: Free
Version: 4.0
Size: 53.42 MB
Seller: Josh Sherman
Released: 2016-10-31 23:30:21
Updated: 2016-11-20 20:58:33